d I R A

dIRA stands for “decentralized Individual Retirement Account” and refers to a financial product developed above the blockchain technology. The dIRA creates a different alternative to the standard individual retirement plans we are used to. No savings can be made with other currencies or assets.

Your Future Assurance

Under this plan retirement, is shaped according to your dreams and expectations.

Your Future Assurance

Amount of Contribution

The amount of contribution you can pay under the dIRA plan is minimum ODE money2 per month. With the highest amount you determine depending on your budget, begin to pay your contributions regularly to look forward to the future with confidence.

dIRA Computation

Total Annual Contributions
(Min. 24 / Max. 120)

Years to Retire
(Min. 1 year / Max. 10 years)

Annual Return:

When you choose this retirement plan, your savings will be a total of {{netInHand | currency:""}} ODE.

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